Industrial salt production center in Small and large size located in Garmsar

Industrial salt

Industrial salt production center in Small and large siza located in Garmsar, Salt industry, Salt production in Iran, monthly 2500 tons.

Sugar and powder salt production center in Garmsar, producer of pink salt in fishery (pea), sugar and oyster sizes, export of red and orange rock salt with jumbo bag packaging.

Differences between types of industrial salt

Due to the wide application of salts in the industrial field, it can be classified into different types and varieties, each of which according to the percentage of purity and properties that are intended for them, the case Are used. For example, sugar salt can be mentioned as an industrial salt.

In fact, we have to say that there is a difference in these salts that has caused a difference in their use. The main difference between industrial salts can be related to their purity. Another difference between these types of salts is that some of them are used in a refined form and others are used in an unrefined way. Of course, most cases of industrial salt use is unrefined.

Industrial salt

Application of unrefined salt in industry

As mentioned, some of the salts used in various industries are unrefined. In fact, due to the fact that the cost of refining salts increases production costs, it is used in some industries where it is possible to use unrefined salts. For example, unrefined sugar salt can be used in some industries. Applications of these salts include the following:

  • Production of drilling fluids
  • Production of drilling mud
  • Providing livestock and poultry health
  • Maintenance and processing of all types of leather and leather
  • Fiber maintenance in the spinning and weaving industry
  • Paints, adhesives and resins industries
  • Chlorination
  • Boiler washing
  • Toughness
  • Breeding all kinds of hot and cold water fish

Industrial salt

Wholesale small size salt

Sugar salt is one of the most widely used industrial salts, which is also known as drilling salt in the market. Due to the fact that this salt is used to produce drilling mud, its consumption is usually very high in the drilling industry. For this reason, it is necessary in such an industry to buy this type of salt in bulk, in addition to saving costs, also meet the needs of this industry.

Industrial salt

To prepare sugar salt in bulk, contact Halito rock salt company. It is possible to deliver and export 600 tons per month by performing all transportation services.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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