Bulk supply of Iran natural rock salt

iran rock salt

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Properties of Semnan salt

Semnan rock salt is one of the best rock salts that can be found for sale in the domestic and foreign markets. This rock salt is of very high quality. Rock salt or halite is made up of mineral matter and takes its name from the Greek word “hal” which means salt. Rock salt is a natural salt that is formed without harming the environment. Among the properties of Semnan rock salt, we can mention the presence of high amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Rock salt consists of 84 rare elements among the 92 identified elements.

Among the many other properties of Semnan salt stone are the properties of strengthening the body’s metabolism, improving and strengthening the mood, helping to control and eliminate stress, relieving bronchitis and reducing symptoms in respiratory diseases, improving intestinal function, helping to prevent cancer, improving appetite, improving asthma, heart health, preventing diabetes, preventing osteoporosis, relieving muscle spasms, helping dental hygiene, preventing ear infections, treating depression, treating acne, treating foot fungus, treating psoriasis, helping with motion sickness, Sore throat, treatment of menstrual problems, keeping the PH factor of the body in balance, improvement of chronic respiratory disease and headache relief.

iran rock salt

Semnan natural salt

Semnan salt is one of the best and highest quality salt in the world. The city of Semnan is called the salt capital of Iran due to having 33 active salt mines and extracting more than 2 million tons of salt from these mines per year. Among the cities of Semnan province, Garmsar has a stronger role in this naming than other cities. Because 80% of rock salt production is done in Garmsar.

This city has 27 salt mines and the mines of this city extract salt with a purity of 98%. In addition to salt mines, Semnan also has gypsum and silica mines. 80% of rock salt exports are made from Semnan province and the domestic sales market is also carried out by Semnan province.

iran rock salt

Bulk purchase of Iran rock salt

Semnan salt rock is exported abroad due to its high quality and low percentage of impurities and is sold in bulk. Those who work in the field of industry and production of rock salt products buy rock salt in bulk. Activities such as: construction of salt room, salt brick production, oil and gas drilling, rubber production, cosmetics production, aluminum industry, etc. Buying rock salt can be done directly and without intermediaries from wholesale rock salt factories.

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iran rock salt

You can buy rock salt at a more suitable and cheaper price in the direct and indirect purchase. Of course, you should pay attention to its quality when buying.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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