Iran industrial salt exporter and manufacturer

industrial salt exporter

Iran industrial salt exporter and manufacturer, salt manufacturing company, export industrial salt to china, iraq and russia.

Industrial salt export center, all types of industrial salt with a grain size of 3 mm to 8 mm, loading in 25 kg bags and jumbo bags, salt exports to Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia.

Industrial salts have many applicants in different fields due to their superior properties. This complex, as an industrial salt export center, has started its activities professionally in this field for many years and has always tried to show a worthy approach. Therefore, it has gained unparalleled profitability from selling its first-class products.

industrial salt exporter

Factors affecting the quality of high quality industrial salt

High quality industrial salt is prepared from the best materials obtained from the heart of the sea. It is passed through various filters to separate heavy elements well. As a result, there will be no more dangerous diseases such as cancer in the coming years.

All health conditions will be strictly observed so that there is no problem in this regard. It will pass through different sieves to be free of impurities and wastes until it is available to its audience, creating a uniform and attractive appearance.

No chemicals are used during the processing of the product to achieve a unique and first-class product. Ideal for use in bulk to meet customer needs in all areas.

industrial salt exporter

Iran industrial salt exporter

Major industrial salt exports from central Iran are sent to Armenia, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, UAE, Kuwait and Iraq to provide ideal profitability for the republic due to exchange rate differences. Islamic to bring. Of course, along with the main load, valid international laboratory sheets that contain the percentage of each of the elements in the material will be attached to fully satisfy the audience.

industrial salt exporter

It will be sent safely in metallized packages as long as it is available to the customer and retains its original features in the best possible way. To order, pick up your mobile phone and contact one of the numbers listed on the site. Study the technical specifications of the product well to be familiar with all angles of work.

This product is durable if properly maintained and can have a unique approach. Sales in bulk can reduce the end-of-work rate so that more enthusiasts can take advantage of the product.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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