Purchase Iran pink salt retail and wholesale

Iran pink salt

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Properties of Iran pink salt

Himalayan salt is a pink salt extracted from the Himalayan mountains of the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt has received a lot of attention because of its color.

Himalayan salt has as much sodium and chloride as ordinary salts; But in addition to these elements, it has other elements such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Massaging the skin with Himalayan pink salt helps relieve muscle spasms.

Eating this salt before and after meals will relieve abdominal pain over time.

This salt balances the body’s electrolytes and thus prevents dehydration and hormonal problems.

People who suffer from severe GERD can use some of this salt in their diet.

Other properties of salt rock help to speed up messaging in nerve cells.

Lampshades made of rock salt; They have the power of ionization, thus absorbing environmental pollutants and ventilating the environment from microorganisms and dust.

Himalayan salt has received more attention because of its color. According to scientific research, the properties of pink rock salt are only slightly higher than other rock salts. But its natural beauty has received more attention than its properties.

Iran pink salt

Pink salt distribution center

In addition to Pakistan, pink halite is also found in the Garmsar salt mines. Extraction of pink salt has been done to a large extent in recent years, so that Iran does not need to import pink halite salt.

Himalayan Salt Distribution Center has distributed and sold this rock salt in different dimensions.

Iran pink salt

Direct purchase of pink salt in Iran

Pink salt can be purchased directly from Garmsar salt factories.

Direct purchase of pink salt costs less economically because in this type of purchase, intermediaries and brokers are eliminated.

The purchase of Himalayan salt or pink rock salt in Iran is done for different purposes, for example, some of these salts are handed over to the producers of decorative rock salt and various decorations such as cups and lampshades are made of rock salt.

Iran pink salt

This rock salt is produced and sold in larger dimensions as a cooking board because this salt gives more properties and taste to foods.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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