Industrial salt price in Iran

Industrial salt

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Garmsar industrial salt is one of the salts extracted from Iran’s mines. This salt has more uses than food aid because it is widely used in various industries and factories in Iran. The difference between this salt and table salt is that it is unrefined, has no iodine and has a high percentage of impurities. This salt has different types and according to its type, it is widely used in different industries and has a wide market.

Industrial salt

Elements of Garmsar industrial salt

Garmsar industrial salt has a lot of impurities, while table salts are ninety-nine percent pure. These industrial salts do not contain iodine and are not refined.

Due to the fact that this salt is not refined, in addition to sodium and chloride, they have many impurities from different types of metals and minerals, but the type of impurities in this salt depends on the mine and the place where the industrial salt is extracted.

Garmsar industrial salt has a lot of impurities from various mineral deposits and heavy and toxic metals. Calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, gypsum, mud and mud are among the harmful impurities in this product that cause all kinds of kidney problems. It may also contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, which can trigger cancers.

Since these salts are industrial and have no oral applications, there is no need to purify these salts.

This product is widely used in the production of leather, animal husbandry, water and wastewater treatment plants, textile paints, various cleaners and detergents, paper production, car tire and spare parts production, steel production and cleaning Used for oil wells and to prevent oil wells from falling.

In this industrial salt, different types of minerals and stones can be seen. The presence of these impurities has caused this product to change color according to the type of materials in it.

Industrial salt

Industrial salt price at factory

Iran industrial salt price at factory


Iran industrial salt supplier

The price of Garmsar industrial salt has a different price range depending on the type of salt. To buy industrial salt, you should go to the industrial salt sales centers and prepare the type of salt that suits your needs and uses.

Garmsar industrial salts include different types of sea salt, white oyster salt, fine sugar salt, road salt, powder salt and name, each of which has a wide price range depending on the type of structure and application.

Industrial salt

For information on the price of Garmsar industrial salt, you can refer to the reputable website of companies supplying industrial salts and be informed about the price of various types of Garmsar industrial salt. Of course, the sales manager of industrial salt sales complexes is also one of the sources announcing the price of Garmsar industrial salt.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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