Halito Rock Salt Company

Powerful Team

Our team can extract over 10000 tons rock salt in a month

Biggest supplier for rock salt

Supply rock salt, packing and export is our routin in halito company

Cheap Shipping

Land and sea transportation at a very cheap rate

Rare rock salt supplier

Some rare rock salt like blue rock salt and crystal rock salt we can supply easily

Biggest persian salt lamp manufacturer

We are biggest salt lamp manufacturer in Iran and make unique products

Hymalian rock salt supplier

For many customers hymalian rock salt is important and we can do it in fastest time

rock salt supply

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iran rock salt

Big Rock Salt

Sapibus in, viverra quis

The largest salt mine in Halito is the largest supplier of rock salt in the Middle East, having the largest supply of rock salt in the Middle East.
Types of rock salt:

  • Blue
  • pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Crystal rock salt

It is one of the salts extracted and exported by this collection
Also, Halito rock salt company is the largest producer of Iranian salt lamps and is unrivaled in the field of production of salt bricks and grill salt.
Also, this complex has the ability to supply and move Pakistan’s rock salt to its customers by having extensive international connections

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