Export of orange salt in 20 kg packaging and jumbo bag

Export of orange salt

Export of orange salt in 20 kg packaging and jumbo bag, white rock salt supplier, pink salt manufacturer, Export of red rock salt to Iraq, Turkey and Oman.

Orange salt with 20 kg packaging and special jumbo bag for export, sending orange rock salt to all neighboring and distant countries with the lowest shipping rates, possibility of delivery to the factory door, delivery with all customs services and related licenses.

Orange salt or pink salt is one of the best and most characteristic types of salts, which is also called Himalayan salt. Iran and Pakistan have many rock salt mines that there are different types of rock salt in these countries. The Himalayas in Pakistan are considered to be the orange rock or pink rock salt mine, and a large amount of this type of salt is exported to different countries of the world every year.

In Iran, there is orange salt rock in Garmsar and Semnan rock salt mines. In this article, we will explain about this type of salt rock at your service, dear ones. Stay with us.

Export of orange salt

Properties of pink salt

Pink salt is one of the most abundant salts that is used to treat many diseases, including skin diseases. Also, due to the fact that this type of salt has various minerals such as magnesium, so this type of salt can be used in the treatment of rheumatic pain and bone pain, and in a way, this type of salt can cure pain. He knew.



Export of orange salt

Garmsar pink salt production

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, in addition to the Himalayas, pink salt is also found in other parts of the world, one of which is the Garmsar salt rock mines.

The rock salts that are extracted from Garmsar salt rock mines are of very high quality and for this reason, many countries in the world, including Asian and European countries, buy Garmsar rock salt.

Export of orange salt

Export of orange salt to India

Orange salt or pink salt, because its amount is much lower than other types of salt, including white salt, so its price is higher than white salt.

India is one of the countries that has always been considered as an importer of Garmsar salt, and orange salt is one of the salts that India buys. Therefore, the sale of Garmsar pink salt to India brings a good currency for Iran.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of orange rock salt in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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