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Pink salt powder

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Properties of Irani pink salt

Iranian pink salt is a kind of salt that is found in nature in pink color and no color has been added to it. This type of salt is known as one of the purest salts in the world. Pink salt powder is used in many skin and hair care products because of its many benefits for skin and hair. This salt is a natural disinfectant and therefore one of its uses is to remove facial acne. In addition, pink salt is a mild exfoliator and brightener that can be used to cleanse the skin. This salt is very useful for the health of the digestive system due to its high amount of useful minerals. These minerals help relieve muscle pain and relieve muscle cramps. Pink salt is antibacterial and taking it orally is effective in reducing sore throat and relieving it.

Pink salt powder

Identifying the original pink salt

Since pink salt is a valuable product, distinguishing original pink salt from counterfeit is a must. There are different methods to identify the original pink salt, and in this article we mention three methods. The fake type of this salt is not pink and is colored. For this reason, its color is darker than the original pink salt. The original pink salt has dry crystals. If we pour pink salt in water and after some time the water turns pink, it indicates that this salt is fake. Because original pink salt powder does not return color in water. Another way to distinguish original pink salt from fake is the taste of salt. Pink salt has a different taste than other edible salts due to the presence of other minerals.

Pink salt powder

Wholesale of pink salt powder

In recent years, pink salt powder has received much attention due to its properties. This salt is completely natural and does not contain chemical additives. In addition, this iodine-free product is an excellent alternative for people with hypothyroidism. Therefore, the preparation of original pink salt is very important.

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Pink salt powder

Halito Rock Salt Group is the main producer and distributor of original pink salt powder in Iran. You can contact us to buy bulk pink salt powder with the highest quality and the best price.

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