Edible and industrial salt factory Iran Semnan

industrial salt factory

Edible and industrial salt factory Iran Semnan, Industrial salt manufacturer, edible salt with iodine, 40 and 60 ppm, 20 kg packing.

Semnan Edible and Industrial Salt Factory, refined hydromill and recrystallization edible salt, 500g, 800g and 1kg packaging, 20kg bag salt, unrefined salt in 5 different sizes with very high purity.

Semnan edible salt factory

Salt that is extracted and discovered from stone mines of this product or from lakes. It needs a series of changes, refinement and packaging. This work is done in the factory of this product and it is prepared for final consumption. With the increase in demand for buying this product, the need to build factories expanded more than before.

The first salt factory was built in Tehran about a hundred years ago, and this necessary product is sent from Semnan province to all over the country. After preparing and converting them into this edible product, they are offered to the consumer market.

The factory of this product is divided into 3 main categories: edible salt factory, industrial factory of this product and packaging factory of this product. The stone of this product due to its numerous benefits. Many consumers are looking to buy it. These products are one of the main products of the factories of this product.

industrial salt factory

Industrial salt factory

To extract and transport rock salt, the producer of this industrial product can use several methods. For example, we can refer to the evaporation, staircase, tunnel, etc. method.

In any case, this valuable material must be extracted from the heart of mines by methods such as drilling, blasting or in other ways, so that it can be used and used. Many manufacturers and companies in Iran are active in this field. They have been successful until today and meet the needs of customers widely.

These producers use the most up-to-date global and modern methods. The standard of excellence in these producers is high quality and standard packaging and the possibility of buying wholesale and retail. Fortunately, companies in Iran have achieved this high level of quality.

industrial salt factory

Export of salt to Iraq

The export of salt to Iraq has been running for several years. But the volume of this export is low compared to the volume of production, and this happened for some reasons. Export laws are different in each country. This is one of the reasons for the low volume of exports of this product to Iraq.

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industrial salt factory

The second reason for the cost of transporting this product is due to the distance from the production center of this product to the border of Iraq. In many cases, the exported cargo is returned and returned. This causes wasted shipping and export costs.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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