Halite Crystal rock salt Supply from Iran

Crystal rock salt

Halite Crystal rock salt Supply from Iran, purity 99.8 % its very unique in the world, possible to supply per month 40 tons.

Direct purchase of crystalline rock salt, for export to Turkey, possibility of supply in large and small pieces, completely transparent with the presentation of an analysis sheet with a purity of 99.8%.

Applications of crystalline rock salt

Salt is one of the minerals that in addition to flavoring food can have many benefits for the body, so many experts recommend consuming a certain amount daily. This has led to an increase in attention to salt rocks.

Crystal types are among the items that are extracted from mines located in different parts of the country and are used for different purposes. Because this sample has zero impurities, it has a clear and crystalline appearance, but it is generally in the category of rare cases and this type of rock salt can rarely be found.

The absence of impurities in this material has led to several applications for crystalline rock salt. It is generally very efficient in various fields of medicine and industry. In the following, we will examine the application of high quality crystal rock salts:

  • Production of various drugs
  • Production of cosmetics
  • Making all kinds of decorative salts

Crystal rock salt

Daily price of crystalline rock salt

Given that the use of various types of rock salt has become common today, many seek to know the true value of these products so that they can easily make decisions regarding the supply and purchase, and somehow step in this direction with more confidence. Take.

Of course, access to the current price of crystalline rock salt is one of the goals that many have in mind. It is necessary to know about these cases, the existence of a credible place that can provide the most accurate and realistic, so people should be very careful about this issue.

Crystal rock salt

By referring to the site address of Halito rock Salt company, you can easily find out the real price of standard salt rock, because during its activity period, it has been able to gain a lot of credibility and gain a special place among the applicants. However, inquiring about prices will be possible with little time and energy, and people can easily access this information; Also, if you wish, register in absentia.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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