Export of Iranian rock salt to India

Iranian rock salt

Export of Iranian rock salt to India, white rock salt, orange rock salt, pink rock salt, pink salt in 25 kg bag, export rock salt to Mundra and Nhavashiva port.

Export of Garmsar salt rock to India, bulk salt rock, red rock salt, pink rock salt, orange rock salt, white edible white rock salt, crystal and blue rock salt, in different packages according to the buyer’s order, the lowest shipping rate and Container.

Garmsar rock salt is one of the best and highest quality rock salt that exists in Iran and even in the world, and therefore it is exported to many countries around the world every year. Garmsar salt ore mine is one of the largest and perhaps the largest salt mine in Iran, the Middle East and even the world, which has a large amount of salt ore, many countries around the world meet the need for this type of rock .

Due to the many uses of this type of stone, many countries in the world are looking to buy this type of stone from Iran and try to get the salt stone they need from Iran and from this salt rock mine. Due to the fact that there are no widespread salt rock mines in the world and huge mines of this type of rock exist only in countries such as Iran and Pakistan, so the export of Garmsar salt rock to different countries in the world, can be very valuable. It should be suitable for Iran.

In this article, we will try to acquaint you with Garmsar rock salt and provide explanations about it at your service, dear ones. Stay with us.

Iranian rock salt

Introducing Garmsar pink salt

Salt rocks come in a variety of colors, depending on the elements and minerals they contain. Pink salt is also one of the most beautiful types of rock salt that can only be found in some parts of the world. Garmsar salt rock mine is one of the mines where this type of salt rock is found and exported to different countries of the world for use.

Iranian rock salt

Familiarity with Garmsar salt rock mine

As we said at the beginning of this article, Garmsar Salt Mine is one of the largest and largest salt mines in the world, and every year a large amount of salt is extracted from this mine and sent to different parts of the country as well as countries. Exported to European and neighboring countries.

Iranian rock salt

Iran rock salt export to India

Among the countries to which Garmsar rock salt is exported, we can mention the countries of the Persian Gulf, Iraq and also European countries such as Germany, which due to the high quality of Garmsar rock ore, these countries always want This type of rock salt was from Iran.

India is also one of the largest destinations for the purchase of Garmsar salt rock, and Halito Group, as the largest supplier of rock salt in this field, has the ability to deliver rock salt in all ports of this country.

The most important point in transporting rock salt is the sea transportation rate, which you will undertake for your customers with the Halito collection at the lowest price.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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