Highest quality Iran Orange rock salt for export

Orange rock salt

Highest quality Iran Orange rock salt for export, supply capacity monthly 1200 tons in jumbo bag delivery at Mundra port India and Nhavashiva.

Bulk purchase of high quality and export orange rock salt with the possibility of delivery in India and China, the possibility of customs procedures in the destination country and direct delivery of goods, jumbo bag packaging, the lowest shipping rate

High quality orange salt rock can be purchased in bulk and dear customers can order this model of stone directly and without intermediaries and use it for various decorations for easy work.

Orange rock salt

Introducing different types of colored rock salt

Colored rock salt has different types and varieties, some of which we will mention in the following. All of you dear ones are more or less familiar with this food, which is known as one of the most famous minerals in the world.

In the following, we will introduce salt rock:

  • Decorative rock salt
  • Animal salt rock
  • Himalayan salt rock
  • Illuminated rock salt

Each of these stones includes color models that are different from each other in terms of performance, and each of them has different prices that dear customers can, according to their needs and tastes, different examples of Prepare colored salt stones.

Most of the colored salt stones are non-edible models and are mostly used for decoration, which you can easily see in sales markets and in various models.

Orange rock salt

Orange Rock salt export Center

Orange rock salt is sold in reputable centers and agencies and in various ways. This stone model often enters the markets in large numbers and is available to consumers.

The price of orange salt depends on various factors such as production brand, production method, quality, material, thickness, etc. Therefore, a fixed price can not be considered for it, and every day according to the country’s economic conditions, the price of this product. It goes up and down.

Orange rock salt

Dear customers, you can get samples of these stones from domestic and foreign markets in different ways, but our suggestion is that if you do not have enough time to go to sales centers, it is better to choose online shopping methods.

The main market for orange rock salt is abroad, and inside the country, the main consumers of this product are salt rock cutting workshops and producers of decorative rock salt or salt bricks.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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