Salt block cooking factory in Iran

Salt block cooking

Salt block cooking factory in Iran, minimum quantity for order is 1000 pcs, supply and export from Iran.

Special sale of cooking salt stones with two different sizes, 15 * 25 and 20 * 40 with a thickness of 5 cm, in two colors, white and orange, the minimum order is 7 pieces.

Cooking rock salt is sold specially and at a reasonable price. This product has many customers in recent years and is known as a completely safe and harmless way to cook a variety of foods. Cooking with the help of this stone makes the food cooked with the least amount of oil and salt and has a good taste. The sale is done online and you can order high quality varieties from us online.

Salt block cooking

Specifications of Salt block cooking

Rock salt is one of the new methods of cooking food with the least amount of oil. These types of stones also have medicinal and therapeutic properties. They are usually available as a page in the market and now have a lot of fans all over the world. Grilled rock salt can be used to cook a variety of foods. Its different size and dimensions make it possible to cook any kind of meat food that has a long cooking time on it.

At present, these stones are produced in dimensions of 40 * 20 and 15 * 25. The choice of dimensions is directly related to what is to be done. It has less salinity than other types of salts and is therefore useful for treating some diseases such as high blood pressure.

People with this disease can safely cook the desired food on this stone. Of course, the heat should be very gentle so that the food does not burn and is fully cooked.

For better use, you can install this type of stone on a base and make it in the oven. The food cooked on this stone is completely hygienic and has the least harm to the body.

Salt block cooking

Guide to buying cooking rock salt

To buy cooking rock salt, just contact us by phone or via WhatsApp or Instagram and register your order. Also, for more information about cooking rock salt or grill stone, just read our site. You will find.

Today, the use of this type of stone is especially common in restaurants and is one of the best ways to cook at a low cost. Just do a simple search to buy the desired size.

Salt block cooking

Examine the different models and order the product based on your needs. Shopping can be done at any time of the day and night, and major buyers can order and buy cooking rock salt at a reasonable discount and at a price below the open market price.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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