Price of Iran rock salt 2022

Iran rock salt

Price of Iran rock salt 2022, Pink rock salt in IRAN, Irani Salt, Koohzarane pars bishapoor Co, biggest supplier of rock salt and pink salt and white salt in Iran.

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White rock salt price 2022

Type of rock salt packing Price per ton
Veined white rock salt in bulk 350000 toman
pure white rock salt in bulk 480000 toman
All prices are valid for 7 days. Contact us for the daily price of each product

Introducing different types of edible rock salt

Rock salt can be introduced as one of the other models of salt that have become rock due to erosion. Due to the fact that rock salts are available in different types in the market, it is necessary to pay attention to this point when buying rock salt and choose the type that suits your needs. In order for you to make the right choice, we will introduce different types of edible salt stones.

Blue rock salt: Blue salt can be introduced as the same salt that has become this color due to the presence of substances such as silvio, calcium, potassium, iron and special climatic conditions.

White rock salt: White salt is one of the salts that has a higher amount than other salts. The whiteness of this type of salt is due to the lack of some minerals in it.

Red rock salt: Another type of salt that can be seen in buying rock salt is red salt. This type of rock salt can be introduced as one of the most characteristic types of rock rock. The red color of these salts is due to the presence of a lot of iron in it.

Pink rock salt: This type of rock salt is rarer than other cases. The iodine content of this type of salt is low and its use is recommended for people with high blood pressure. This type of salt is chemically very similar to table salt.

Iran rock salt

Buy a small decorative rock salt

One of the uses of rock salt is the design of decorative items. These types of decorative items, in addition to beautifying the environment, can also have many therapeutic benefits.

For example, using them due to the properties of salt rock can relax the environment and relieve daily stress. That is why it is recommended to buy decorative salt rock.

Iran rock salt

Wholesale Iran rock salt

A large part of buying rock salt is related to animal rock salt. In fact, a large part of rock salt is used in the industrial sector to feed livestock and poultry. The use of salt in animal and poultry feed can be effective in controlling and curing diseases related to livestock.

Iran rock salt

Due to the fact that usually the buyers of rock salt in this sector are large industrial units, animal rock salt is mainly sold in special markets.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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