Purchase Orange rock salt direct from Iran salt mine

Orange rock salt

Purchase Orange rock salt direct from Iran salt mine, delivery at India ports mundra and nhavashiva in jumbo bag packing.

Special sale of orange salt rock for export, with jumbo bag packaging, full color orange salt rock, the rarest type of colored salt rock in Iran, exclusive sale and delivery in the destination country.

Orange rock salt is one of the tools that can be placed in the home space and use its positive energy. In the science of energy therapy, rock salt is one of the devices that repel negative energies from the environment. This product is offered through special sales.

Orange rock salt

Types of application of colored rock salt

Halite or sodium chloride or natural sodium chloride are all names given to rock salt. Impurities in rock salt cause it to become colored, and these compounds cause the rock stone to become colored.

The minerals in rock salt cause a salty taste in it. Sunlight creates a special energy in these rocks that produce ions in it.

Although ionization is not visible to the naked eye. This phenomenon is exactly what happens in the photosynthesis of plants but is not visible. The salt crystal deforms from liquid to solid and from solid to liquid due to its electrical atomic structure.

There are many uses for rock salt, such as salt lamps, which can help provide the salt needed by those who have difficulty eating salt.

On the other hand, those who have neurological problems or suffer from insomnia and poor concentration can prevent these disorders by placing salt stones that have waves with a speed of one hundred to one hundred and sixty Hz.

Negative ions in the body that act as free radicals and cause cancer are neutralized by using rock salt and converted into positive ions.

Different colors of rock salt have many healing properties that also have positive effects on the skin.

Orange rock salt

Supply orange rock salt

As mentioned, stone is a natural and inexpensive substance that has many therapeutic uses and benefits, the effects of which have been proven in sciences such as yoga.

The compounds in rock salt cause it to be colored, the price and use of rock salt is a function of its type as well as the form of its supply.

Orange rock salt

For example, some types are designed and produced in small sizes and others in large sizes with lights, which will make the price of large salt rock different from the price of small types.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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