Iran Pink rock Salt Export Center

Iran Pink rock Salt

Iran Pink rock Salt Export Center, Irani salt supplier, white rock salt and orange rock salt,  pink salt in 25 kg bag export to Iraq and turkey.

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One of the types of salt models that can be mentioned as an example of mineral salt is pink salt rock. This type of salt, which is extracted from the Himalayas, has a pink color and has properties similar to orange salt. Due to the fact that Iran is one of the most important extractors of rock salt, recently it also offers pink rock salt as one of its products.

Pink salt mine in Iran

Due to the fact that Garmsar is one of the most important salt mines in Iran, the extraction of rock salt is one of the main products of this city.

In the past, pink rock salt found in the Himalayas was mined only in Pakistan. But recently, this rock salt can also be extracted in Garmsar mines.

Iran Pink rock Salt

Properties of Iranian pink salt

Salt contains the elements chlorine and sodium. The particular color that different salts take on reflects other different elements that are present in it. Pink salt also contains elements that give this salt its unique properties.

Pink salt rock with some potassium, magnesium and calcium has beneficial properties for the human body. Consumption of this rock salt on a regular basis is not recommended. But due to the presence of important elements in this salt, the use of pink salt as a sedative and sedative for the nervous system is very useful.

Pink salt can prevent dehydration by maintaining the balance of body fluids. It also helps regulate blood pressure to normal levels. Pink salt, which is recently extracted from the mines of northern Iran, is exported as a useful and usable substance for different countries.

Iran Pink rock Salt

Export of Iran pink rock salt

Considering that in the past Pakistan was known as the only exporter of pink rock salt, today, despite the extraction of rock salt from Iranian mines, pink rock salt is one of the different types of salt that is extracted from these mines and Exported to different countries.

Iran Pink rock Salt

Due to its heat-resistant properties, pink rock salt is shaped like a cube and is used to cook a variety of foods. This has made this rock salt as an export commodity. Iranian pink rock salt is exported to various countries such as India, Turkey and Iraq.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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