The largest mineral salt factory in Semnan

salt factory in Semnan

The largest mineral salt factory in Semnan, rock salt factory, pink salt and white salt factory, capacity monthly 1700 tons.

The largest mineral salt factory in Semnan, producing all kinds of table salt, crushed granulated salt rock in different powder sizes, granulated sugar, coarse-grained pea salt and fishery.

Salt in nature comes in two forms: salt domes that are the result of crushing salt rocks in sedimentary rock mines or are created by the evaporation of seawater, although the resulting salt can not be consumed at first, so the salt factory to convert this The product was created to be the final product that can be used by individuals. With the increasing progress of science and technology and also the increase in demand, salt factories were created in different types, each of which is explained below and the method of salt production in these factories is explained.

Salt mills are typically divided into three main categories:

  1. Industrial salt factories
  2. Edible salt factories
  3. Salt packing plant

Salt production method in the factory

In industrial salt factories, salt rock is crushed using mills or other crushing methods. Edible salt is then marketed, in salt packing factories as the name implies, only salt is packaged and marketed.

salt factory in Semnan

Refined salt factory in Semnan

To prepare usable and standard salt in the salt factory, special activities must be done. First, the rock salt is ground and by dissolving in water, a solution of saturated salt water is formed, and by adding special chemicals and removing insoluble substances. From the solution to the next step, then pass the solution through the filter and evaporate it, finally add iodine to the salt crystals and then take the salts to the salt factory warehouse and after packaging We market.

salt factory in Semnan

Export of salt to Turkey

As you know, Turkey is a neighbor of Iran and there are many economic exchanges between the two countries; One of the commodities involved in these exchanges is salt. The salt factory produces quality products that can be exported to other countries, including Turkey, according to world markets.

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salt factory in Semnan

On the one hand, it will boost the economy and create jobs in our country, and on the other hand, quality salt will reach consumers in Turkey.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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