Export of refined salt to Iraq in 20 kg bag

refined salt

Export of refined salt to Iraq in 20 kg bag, Iran salt factory located in Semnan, export salt to Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, UAE.

Export of refined and industrial salt to Iraq 20 kg bag, edible salt at a very reasonable price Possibility of delivery with iodine 40, 60 and 80 ppm, all kinds of edible rock salt for water treatment with 20 kg bag, manufacturer of carton molded rock salt.

Familiarity with the extraction of salt rock from the mine

The extraction of salt rock has been done on a small scale with the help of shovels and pickaxes since ancient times. The second method of salt rock extraction is the open method, which was done by drilling with the help of explosives, which is almost obsolete today.

The method used today to extract rock salt from the mine is called the tunnel method. The steps are as follows: they first create a few holes or holes by drilling drills. The explosives are then placed inside these holes and detonated. After the explosion, the rock salt is separated from the mountain, which is collected by a loader and transported to the factory.

The tunnel method is almost similar to the open method, only the highest holes are dug horizontally at the beginning instead of vertically, and explosives are placed inside them. After the first explosion, pores form inside the mountain that can be drilled vertically to extract salt rock.

refined salt

Method of producing edible salt

The production of table salt consists of the following stages:

  • First, the rock salt is ground with special devices, then the ground salt is placed in pure water, so that the salt is completely dissolved in water and a saturated solution of salt water is obtained.
  • At this stage, salt refining begins and special substances are added to the salt to remove all its calcium, magnesium and impurities.
  • The brine is then passed through filters and filters to separate particles smaller than 30 microns.
  • At this stage, the saturated salt solution is evaporated to produce crystals of pure salt, then separated by centrifugation.
  • At this stage, the salt crystals are dried and then packaged.

refined salt

Export refined salt to Iraq

Salt exports to Iraq are booming in recent years due to favorable political and trade relations. Salt resources are available in Iraq, but due to the lack of sufficient facilities for salt extraction and refining, this country is one of the major importers of salt from Iran.

refined salt

The existence of kilometers of land border between the two countries has made most Iranian traders want to export salt to Iraq. Our group is one of the top salt producers that, in addition to supplying the domestic market, has also been successful in exporting salt to Iraq. The salt in this center is bulk, processed and refined and prepared for export.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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