Refined salt iodized and non iodized iran manufacturer

Refined salt

Refined salt iodized and non iodized iran manufacturer in 25 kg bag, power supply monthly 500 tons, delivery at destination with Iran Certificate of origin.

Daily price of recrystallized table salt with 20 and 25 kg bags, special for export with the permission of the Ministry of Health, possibility of sending without iodine and with iodine, special export of Iraqi Kurdistan with 60 iodine.

Recrystallization table salt is a standard and hygienic table salt that does not cause any contamination and impurities and is produced by modern methods and equipped devices. This type of salt is offered in different packages at reasonable prices in the market.

Refined salt

Purification of salt by recrystallization method

Salt is in the category of minerals and is a very essential salt for human consumption. But this mineral does not exist in pure form in nature. Salt is found in the seas in dissolved form or in mines in the form of rock salt or salt mountains in different regions.

Eating iodized salt has a great impact on the health of children and adults, and its deficiency during development has serious side effects, but its high consumption, like any other food, is dangerous.

Salt obtained from nature must be purified and its impurities removed. How is the recrystallization method performed? We describe its steps quite simply.

After extracting the salt in any form, it is first ground and eaten. It is then dissolved in pure water to obtain a saturated solution of salt water. In this part, heavy materials are deposited in the solution and the solution is sent to the filters. It is then inserted into sand filters to increase the purity. The solution is then heated to supersaturation and then enters the crystallizer, in which the solution forms salt crystals, and the excess brine is centrifuged and the water is taken, and then the iodination step is performed.

These steps were a very simple form of the recrystallization method.

Refined salt

Special sale of recrystallized table salt

We knew that in order to form salt, the salt rock purification steps are performed and iodized salt, which is marketed by recrystallization method, is much healthier and healthier than other salts.

Refined salt

To access the special sale of table salt, recrystallization of salt is enough to register your order and receive it in less than 3 days as soon as possible, depending on the amount of the order at the destination.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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