Refined salt factory in Iran

Refined salt factory

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Refined salt factory Garmsar recrystallization, double refined salt with minimum purity of 99.2%, iodized and without iodine, iodine 40 and 60 ppm, 25 kg bag

How to produce table salt

Edible salt is produced by the salt factory by processing salt rocks or by methods such as solution extraction, solar evaporation and manual method.

The ionic compound of sodium chloride is the same salt that is essential for the survival of humans and many animals. Due to advances in science and the discovery of ways to extract table salt, this valuable compound is now cheaply available, whereas in the past salt was so valuable that soldiers were paid with salt or there were wars over salt between countries. .

To prepare table salt, the salt factory buys salt stones extracted from the mine; Some factories also extract salt rock from the mine using special machines. Salt rocks are milled in factories with the help of large industrial milling machines in different sizes according to the type of application. The ground rock salts are then dissolved in water to give a saturated brine solution. It precipitates calcium and magnesium in the solution by adding certain chemicals.

Using special filters, insoluble materials are removed and salt crystals are extracted from the solution saturated by the evaporation process.

The salt crystals are separated by centrifugation and iodine is added to them after washing.

After iodine is added, the salt crystals are dried with large industrial machines and prepared for packaging.

Refined salt factory

Salt exports to Iraq

Iran is one of the countries where there are high quality salt mines and caves. On the other hand, the existence of salt lakes such as Lake Urmia has made Iran one of the major producers of salt in the Middle East.

Therefore, it is possible to export salt to many countries in the region, such as Iraq, and there is a pure opportunity for Iranian currency.

The export of salt to Iraq is not limited to table salt, and many decorative salt stones are also exported to this country.

Refined salt factory

Major direct purchase from Refined salt factory

Garmsar salt factory can be considered the most famous salt factory in Iran. This factory is located near Garmsar salt rock mines and has the best location compared to other salt factories. For this reason, in addition to producing salt, this factory mainly sells rock salt.

Refined salt factory

Bulk and direct purchase of rock salt from Garmsar salt factory can be a cheap and cheap purchase.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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