Refined iodized salt factory in Iran

Refined iodized salt

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For many years, the use of iodized refined salt has replaced the old unrefined salts, and most people in Iran and around the world use this type of salt for use in their food. This type of salt contains iodine and prevents diseases such as goiter. Refined salt is free of any contamination in terms of minerals and elements dangerous to human health, and therefore its use can ensure the health of the person in terms of providing the salt and iodine needed by the body. In this article, we will try to acquaint you with iodized refined salt and explain the methods of salt production and refining. Stay with us.

Refined iodized salt

Familiarity with hydromyl salt

In some salt refineries, the salt that enters the refineries of these factories is refined by the hydromel method and is ready for use. This salt purification method is one of the best salt purification methods in Iran and the world.

The impurities in the salt are carefully and accurately removed. In this type of salt purification method, even the impurities that exist between the particles and salt crystals are separated and removed. Therefore, after salt treatment by hydromyl method, high quality salts and free of any contamination in terms of elements dangerous to human health will be produced and marketed.

Refined iodized salt

What is recrystallization salt?

Another method of producing refined salt, and cleaning the salt from contaminants caused by elements and minerals dangerous to human health, is the recrystallization of salt.

In this method, the salt grains are completely separated from each other and there are no elements except sodium and chlorine, which are the constituent elements of salt. Of course, iodine is also added to these refined salts to get the iodine needed by the human body in this way.

Refined iodized salt

Refined iodized salt factory

There are many factories and companies in the country that produce refined salt with high purity. Many of these companies use the recrystallization method, and some others use the hydromyl method for salt refining, and after refining, they send these salts to the market for the sale of these products throughout the country.

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Source: Halito rock salt company

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