Sales Office of Iodized edible Salt Factory in Iran

Iodized edible Salt

Sales Office of Iodized edible Salt Factory in Iran, Iodized salt factory in Iran, edible salt supplier and manufacturer, min order is 100 tons.

Sales office of iodized recrystallization salt factory located in Garmsar, Semnan province, supply of refined iodized and non-iodized table salt in a 25 kg bag.

What is Iodized edible Salt?

Recrystallization salt is a product that is produced from refining salt by recrystallization method and many therapeutic and edible properties have been listed for this salt. In the past, salt refining was done in such a way that in hand workshops, the extracted salt rock was ground and after sieving, iodine was added to them, packed in yellow bags, and finally sent. Were marketed.

But today, recrystallization method is used to purify salt to recrystallize salt, which is a new method and finally a healthy and quality product is released to the market.

Iodized edible Salt

Differences between recrystallization salt and hydromyl

In salt mills, recrystallization converts rock salt, lake salt, or salt soil into salt water in special ponds and crystallizes the salt grains. In the salt treatment method, the recrystallization of the impurities in the salt is completely eliminated, and because this process is performed at a high temperature, all microbial contaminants are also destroyed. In the hydromyl purification method, the salt is first washed, which eliminates the apparent contamination of the salt, and then the salts are introduced into a device called a hydromel.

The salts in this device are exposed to high pressure water and the water pressure breaks the salt crystals to a great extent. This method increases the purity of the salt by one to one and a half percent. This method was used until 2006 and after that the salt purification method was changed and the recrystallization salt production method was used.

Iodized edible Salt

Wholesale of 500 g package salt

Refined edible salts enter the market in packages of 500 g and are used for daily food consumption. These salts are produced with sodium and chlorine and are the most used daily among different samples of salt. These salts dissolve easily in water and are mostly consumed orally.

Iodized edible Salt

Packaging salts are standard and hygienic salts that meet the required standards of the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. These salts have a very reasonable price and are available in 500 g packages in the market.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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