Production of persian salt lamp in Iran

persian salt lamp

Production of persian salt lamp in Iran, largest salt lamp and salt bricks factory in Iran, salt block factory.

Garmsar Isfahan Qom Decorative Salt Stone Production, the largest salt stone production center in Iran, Garmsar Therapeutic Salt Stone, has two specialized salt stone production workshops in Isfahan and Qom.

How is rock salt formed?

Rock salt and the beliefs that are common among the people have caused this salt to be used as a decorative rock salt in homes in addition to food and industrial uses. People believe that rock salt protects them from sore eyes and is sometimes used as a treatment. But have you ever wondered what the process of salt rock production is?

The production of rock salt is the result of a reaction between two elements. Sodium ions react with a positive charge and chlorine ions react with a negative charge, resulting in the production of salt rock, which we now have in various forms. Sodium ions and chlorine ions are also formed by deep-sea volcanic activity, and after the seawater dries or evaporates, it is the result of a reaction between the two elements of rock salt. In fact, it can be said that when seawater evaporates in any way and for any reason, layers of rock salt with different dimensions are formed in the seabed.

persian salt lamp

How to cut rock salt

Rock salt can be found in different sizes and colors, and how to cut rock salt requires special tools. For cutting rock salt, skilled people in this profession, advanced machines and tools as well as molds required for cutting are used. Many molds may be used to cut salt rock, but the most popular molds are 20 * 10-20 * 20-10 * 10. Since cutting salt rock and the desired molds have separate costs for companies, the sale and price of cut rock salt varies based on the mold and dimensions as well as the color of the rock salt in the market.



persian salt lamp

Production of persian salt lamp

Salt stone is not only used for food and industry, but also has a decorative aspect in homes. Salt stone is used to decorate and produce bedside lamps, candlesticks, statues and also salt necklaces.

Decorative rock salt is available in different colors in the market. To produce decorative rock salt, two issues must be considered. First, what is the material of rock salt. Sometimes the rock salt material is not suitable for cutting at all and may be damaged in the desired mold.

persian salt lamp

Another issue in the production of decorative rock salt is how it is cut, which is very sensitive. Therefore, not every salt rock is suitable for decoration and cutting. For example, the color of rock salt plays an important role in choosing and cutting it for decoration. The only salt rock suitable for the lampshade is white rock salt, which must be completely pure.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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