The largest rock salt lamp manufacturer

rock salt lamp manufacturer

The largest rock salt lamp manufacturer, persian salt lamp website, unique models of rock salt lampe made in Iran by handicraftsman.

Decorative rock salt market

Rock salt is one of the best and most widely used types of minerals in the earth’s crust, which has become a valuable product for most people on the planet due to the many applications that exist for this type of mineral.

Among the applications of salt stones, we can mention the production of decorative salt stones from this halite mineral, the most important products of which include salt stone bedside lamps, salt statues, salt stone cups and salt bricks, which are the most important items in the market.

Of course, the applications of rock salt in the field of industry as well as the production of table salt have made this mineral more important and valuable than before.

rock salt lamp manufacturer

How to produce rock salt Decor

One of the decorative items that is produced from salt stones is the salt stone lamp, which was mentioned in the previous section.

To produce rock salt lamps, the inner part is usually cut first, and after emptying the inside, electric lamps are placed in it, and the outer part of the salt rock is polished and given a beautiful shape so that it can be used as a beautiful decorative device. Have.

In the process of producing salt lamps, two things are very important:

  1. The material of the rock salt, which must be of a special type for cutting
  2. How to cut rock salt pieces to produce the product

The two mentioned cases are necessary for each other and if they are not observed, a good rock salt lamp can not be delivered to the market.

rock salt lamp manufacturer

Sale of decorative rock salt in Tehran

Halito salt stone collection specially offers its products especially in Tehran, among which the bedside lamp salt stone model has many fans.

Therefore, the products offered by the collection are always offered at a very low price and without changing the special quality of Tehran.

Cut rock sales center

Among the applications of cut rock salt and salt bricks are their use in the construction of salt rooms.

Halito Salt Stone Complex is the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran, which produces the best-selling sizes of salt bricks in the following dimensions:

  • 10*20
  • 10*15
  • 10*10
  • 5*18

rock salt lamp manufacturer

Rock salt lamp manufacturer

The production of decorative rock salt in the market today is not like 5 years ago because the variety of products is very high and in many cases buyers only ask for unique products.



To respond to the various buyers of these products, we have also introduced very special salt stone lampshades for the export market, which is done only to familiarize buyers with the activities of the Halito collection.

rock salt lamp manufacturer

For major buyers and people who want to buy products with low price range, these products are also offered at a very competitive price and at a production price with special packaging.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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