Major manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in cheap price

Persian salt lamp

Major manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in cheap price, decor rock salt, salt candle holder, salt bricks, grill salt block, cube rock salt for animal.

Major manufacturer of cheap decorative salt rock, Garmsar decorative salt rock, unlit and illuminated rock salt with and without label will be sent according to the order, for information about the wholesale price of decorative salt rock.

Manufacturer of rock salt lamps

Today, the use of decorative rock salt has increased dramatically, which can be attributed to the presence of positive energies in it. When sunlight shines on the salt rock crystals, it can be very effective in repelling the negative energies of the surrounding environment and create a kind of calm in the environment.

This phenomenon is due to a process called ionization in rock salt. Colored rock salt is usually used to produce this type of rock salt. So if you need a device to ventilate your home or workplace, you can use rock salt.



In our country, due to the existence of numerous sources of rock salt, the production of these lights is easy and Iran can be introduced as one of the producers of this type of products, which in many cases we even see the export of these products to other countries.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale Globe salt lamp

If you have been to decorative salt rock stores, you must have come across balls that show up in different sizes and designs. Usually, the rock salt required for the production of such items is provided to the buyers in bulk, and the buyers, by making changes on it, produce various decorative items, including the salt rock ball, which these products can be produced in bulk or Retail. Of course, it is natural that the sale of these products in bulk will have a lower price and therefore will be more affordable for buyers.

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp supplier

Another type of decorative rock salt is verse salt rock. Famous suras and verses are usually written on this type of rock salt, which the use of these verses is effective in repelling the negative energies of the environment and has a double effect on establishing a sense of calm in the environment.

Persian salt lamp

For example, usually 4 Qul, Van Yakad and the verse of Al-Kursi are written on this type of rock salt. Usually, these verses have anti-eye and anti-magic properties, and usually reading them causes evil to be avoided. Therefore, their engraving on rock salt can be effective in creating an environment with a positive atmosphere.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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