Persian salt lamp production center

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp production center, the most beautiful salt lamp has made by iranian handicraftsman in halito rock salt factory.

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Salt is a type of mineral that is obtained through seas, salt lakes and rock salt mines. Salt rock, which is mostly obtained through mining, has several functions, which can be referred to as illuminated rock salt.

Luminous rock stone production center has offered the best and highest quality luminous rock stone in different designs and models in order to satisfy and attract more customers to buy this product.

Persian salt lamp

Learning to make salt lamp

Salt stone has many healing properties and is especially suitable for treating mental illness. The presence of rock salt in the home or work environment can eliminate negative energies and be a kind of sedative for people in that environment. Today, to make the rock salt more beautiful, it is decorated with lights.

To prepare lighted rock salt, we prepare suitable rock salt in the desired size. First, grind the edges of the stone with a special razor to remove its sharp and rugged edges. Then select a part of the stone as a base and floor so that the illuminated salt rock is in a standing position.

Smooth the floor using a special Saab machine to make the floor one-handed. After doing this step, it is time to drill a hole in the stone to place the lamp. This is done using a special drill and drill, and the price of the width of the stone should be gently pierced to the extent that the lamp is placed in it.

After this work and cleaning, the solution of the desired lamp with the desired color is placed in the perforated place and we fix it firmly by using a special glue.

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp distributor

The distributor of lighted rock salt has set up an online store in cyberspace to distribute and supply this product widely throughout the country and to facilitate its purchase by customers. In this virtual store, all kinds of illuminated salt stones are offered in different models and while providing specifications and information about it, it has provided the field of absentee shopping for customers.

Persian salt lamp

This action of the distributor has caused the elimination of intermediaries and brokers in the field of sales and distribution and the product to be provided directly to customers. Customers and buyers, with the assurance of the quality and quality of the goods and having the necessary standards and approvals, order and buy it at a reasonable price and cheaper than the market and without intermediaries and directly from the distributor.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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