Rock Salt Lamp Bulk Prices

Rock Salt Lamp

Rock Salt Lamp Bulk Prices, very unique persian salt lamps models, biggest salt lamp factory in iran.

Salt ore is a sodium chloride (NaCl) mineral and is known as halite or natural sodium chloride. When impurities enter the crystal of the halite, the mineral turns into various colors, for Rock Salt Lamp, black enters the uranium and carbon elements.

Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp Bulk Purchasing

Salt, both in seawater and rock salt, has long been known in ancient Greece and was used as useful food for digestion and excretion. From time immemorial, people have known salt as a natural remedy. According to traditional medicine sources, salt removes phlegm, soda, and bile. It dries and removes moisture and unblocks, and makes the skin of the face clear and appetizing. Imam Basis (AS) said: “If people knew what properties were in salt, they would not treat themselves except with it.” During World War II, German physicians used salt-rich caves to treat sick soldiers and transported them to those salt caves.

In 1999 in Lithuania, 250 children and 500 adults with respiratory problems consumed one hour of sea salt per day, and 9 out of 10 people recovered. Hippocrates Hypocrite was a Greek physician who noted the properties of saline vapor inhalation and found it beneficial for respiratory diseases. Siltstone is used in Australia, China, Arab countries and Europe for decorative and therapeutic purposes. The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, has also confirmed salt lamps for sale properties of salt rock.

Rock Salt Lamp

Rock Salt Lamp Bulk Price for Traders

Salt lamps, each weighing between 5 and 30 kilograms, lose one millimeter of life each year due to exposure to air. It is interesting to know that for those who are harmed by eating salt if they put salt lamps in the living space, the salt needed by their body will be provided by salt lamps. Our brain normally produces waves with a speed of eight Hz, while the waves produced by These common devices are between 160-100 Hz; You can see that the body is exposed to waves up to 20 times normal, which results in nervousness, insomnia or lack of sleep, and loss of concentration or weakening.

Rock Salt Lamp

Become cancer: Bright salt crystals take on negative ions and produce positive ions. When the salt crystal heats up, it absorbs moisture and therefore the surface on the crystal becomes moist; In this way, the necessary background for ionization is created. In addition, it can be said that different colors of rock’s best salt lamps have side healing properties; The healing properties of salt rock crystals have a good effect on the skin.

Experiments performed on children show that children who have problems and even sedentary disease, after a week of exposure to salt crystals, their problem is gradually solved. After removing the bright crystals, this state has returned to them.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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