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rock salt decor

Major seller of rock salt decor, persian salt lamp, the largest specialized center for cutting rock salt , salt bricks supplier.

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The bright crystals of salt that are extracted from rock formations in the form of rock masses are called rock salts. These crystals can repel negative energies.

The rock salt mineral has amazed everyone because of its special properties, which is why many people like the cut types of this natural mineral, which is known as rock salt decoration, to be placed next to them.

rock salt decor

Where to put rock salt in the house?

Many people ask where to put salt rock in the house? It is better to place the rock salt in a place where the sun shines.

This allows the stone to do its job better and repel negative energies. You should also place the rock salt in the part of the house that has the most traffic and use, because the most ionic clearance occurs in that area. will give.

Learning to make rock salt decor

There are very large salt rocks on the mountain walls and people have to use explosives to get them. When this is done, the large stones are cut into smaller pieces that can be used to make soap, lampshades, candle holders and other decorative items.

To make a decorative salt stone, you need to have cutting tools so that you can cut the stone and put a candle or lamp inside it. Wires and two plugs are also necessary to light the lamp.

If you are planning to make a rock salt, it may be the easiest way for you to use a sticker, but you should know that it is not the only option.

It is usually very common to use a transfer, but you can also use sticker stickers along with the transfer, although the type of polishing oil used has a great impact on the final work.

rock salt decor

Rock salt decor sales center

For major buyers and buyers who intend to buy the products of Halito rock salt company  individually, it is possible to watch and order the products of the collection online.

rock salt decor

For major buyers, direct purchase from Halito collection is the best option because in addition to receiving the most beautiful works produced by great Iranian artists, the products are prepared and sent at very unique prices and on the other hand in very special packages that have been prepared.

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