Persian salt lamp price in Iran market

Persian salt lamp

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The price of decorative salt rock crystal lampshades, wholesale sales of decorative salt stones, the largest manufacturer of bedside lamps and decorative salt stones in the most beautiful models, offering decorative salt stones with very exceptional prices and geometric shapes salt stones with prominent stained glass art.

Many of us prefer to complete our home space with special and luxury decorations. One of the most beautiful and unique home decorative accessories is the use of salt stone lampshade, this crystal lampshade with a special lamp inside Makes the rock salt shine brightly, if you want to get the latest price of this lampshade, we suggest you view your products through this website and get information.

Persian salt lamp

What are the uses of salt lamp?

Crystal stone lampshade is one of the newest home decorative accessories that can change the decoration of our rooms. Using this lampshade at night makes the room look more dreamy, each of these lampshades has prices. They are very convenient and economical so people do not have to worry about the cost of this product.

One of the most important advantages of this product is its special and unique designs. These lampshades and salt rock cuts are produced. The salt stone used in the preparation of this lampshade may be used in a polished form or it may be Is to maintain its natural and rocky state.

The built-in lights in this product may be seen in different colors, but in most cases, white lampshades have more applicants, and therefore it sells more than other colored lampshades. The power supply of this product is of the city electricity type. If the interpreted lamp breaks down, you can replace it with other lamps available in the market.

It is better to place these lampshades in dry places because if the product enters softly, its texture may change. In general, due to the ultra-luxury structure of these stones, it is often placed in bedrooms and living rooms. Give.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale of Persian salt lamp

The price of salt lampshade depends on the size of the products. Some of these lampshades are produced in small sizes, which can be placed as a decoration on small tables or bedside tables, but a larger salt stone lampshade. Can be used for large tables or next to the TV as an ornamental product.

Persian salt lamp

Halito Decorative Salt Stone Production Center, due to the wholesale sales of these products, tries to offer them to the market at quite fair prices. You can buy all kinds of ball-shaped salt stones directly and in the shortest possible time.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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