Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in cheap price in Iran

Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in cheap price in Iran, biggest supplier and manufacturer of salt bricks, salt lamp, grill salt block and most beautiful persian salt lamp in Iran, in cheap price with nice wooden base.

Manufacturer of cheap salt rock bedside lamps in Qom and Isfahan, Halito salt rock complex with specialized workshops in the cities of Qom and Isfahan is the largest producer of salt rock in this area, for bulk purchase of salt rock in Tehran.

The rock salt bedside lamp has recently become more and more popular due to its great beauty and charm, and many customers are asking to buy it. This issue has caused many production units to seek to produce and supply rock salt bedside lamps and create a kind of competition in this field.

If you are one of these manufacturers, you can take an important step towards progress and increase sales by purchasing the raw material of rock salt bedside lamps from this collection. All you have to do is contact us directly.


Halito Group, as the largest manufacturer of rock salt bedside lamps, is ready to deliver its products raw to production units

Persian salt lamp

Properties of rock salt bedside lamp

Such products, in addition to remarkable beauty, have many other properties. Among them, we can mention some special properties of feng shui and creating relaxation. The presence of salt crystals in the room helps to increase the comfort, and although we do not see high heat in electric models, but the gentle heat of the lamp in contact with the rock salt, helps to spread it in space.

In many developed countries of the world today, various therapeutic measures are performed by placing or sleeping patients next to rock salt; Including creating peace of mind and relief from certain physical pains. Having a rock salt bedside lamp helps you to enjoy these benefits while making your interior layout and decor more beautiful. However, the very high resistance, lack of vulnerability over time and its durability, were also considered as interesting advantages.

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp Factory

The sale of rock salt bedside lamps in Tehran and many other densely populated cities of the country is at a high level. So that today this very attractive product has found many customers. But apart from this very high demand, the fact is that the first condition for success in the field of production and sale of this product in Tehran or anywhere else, is the use of quality raw materials. Obviously, the main raw material in this area is rock salt.

Accordingly, you must choose the best quality of rock salt to make a bedside lamp. Something we will help you do.

Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Globe salt lamp

As one of the leading producers of rock salt and despite years of experience in this field, we can help you to produce the best rock salt bedside lamp. As mentioned, the main condition in this area is the use of quality salt rock, and you will achieve this in cooperation with this collection.

To buy this product in the desired volume and with the highest quality, you can contact us directly.

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