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Rock salt decor

Iran Rock salt decor manufacturer and exporter, very unique models in cheap price, biggest salt bricks factory in Iran.

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Having salt rock in the house has many benefits and you are probably familiar with some of its properties. Decorative rock salt is a beautiful and useful stone that keeping it at home cleans the environment, eliminates negative energy, improves sleep quality, reduces stress and also It creates peace.

This natural mineral has also been effective in the treatment of some diseases. The elements sodium and chlorine, when crystallized, form rock salt, which has high properties.

Rock salt decor

Salt lamp decor ideas

One of the uses of decorative rock salt is to use it to clean the surrounding space, and these days they have become very popular for decorating the bedroom, which are made and produced in stages that we will discuss in general here.

The production of lampshades is a specialized work that must be done with the utmost care because salt stones are very valuable and difficult to cut, and harder salt stones will cause the drill to break while working.

In different stages of salt rock lampshade production, you should always try to make the cuts with finesse and beauty. For large bedrooms or living rooms, salt lampshades between 3 to 6 kg are produced and for smaller bedrooms, lampshades between 1 and 3 kg are produced.

In the production of lampshades in terms of appearance, more attention is paid to their brightness. They also pay attention to their color in terms of color therapy and its effect on increasing energy levels and improving a person’s mood.

Selecting the rock salt in the initial stage and then cutting it properly will be the main factor in the final work result.

Rock salt decor

Salt home decor

Decorative rock salt or items such as rock salt lamps should be placed somewhere in the house where you travel a lot to get the effects well.

Salt rock has a very colorful role in this field due to its important property in purifying its surroundings, so in Feng Shui science, put salt rock in places of the house where there is more pollution.

By being in the bedroom, rock salt facilitates blood flow and sleep at night. On the other hand, rock salt, due to its elements such as sodium and chlorine, which are essential substances for the body, reduces negative energies and stress and helps to sleep peacefully. It also absorbs these substances through the skin.

Rock salt decor

The market sells salt rock bedside lamps

Selling rock salt for various purposes, including use in the manufacture of rock salt bedside lamps, with different quality is available in the market.

The best type of rock salt is the type that is therapeutic and for this purpose, rock salt with a purity higher than 98.5% should be used.

Halito Salt Stone Collection offers salt rock with a purity of more than 98.5% in three colors, white, orange and red, for salt rock cutting workshops.

In addition to the rock salt bedside lamp, Halito salt treatment brick for building a salt wall and salt room is always considered and has many customers.

Rock salt decor

Wholesale rock salt decor

Wholesale sales of rock salt for workshops that make decorative rock salt, and on the other hand, bulk sale of decorative rock salt for shop and booth owners and people who sell salt rock at home are the main activities of Halito rock salt company in the rock salt sales department. It is decorative.



It is also possible to sell some products in the collection. To view and order the desired product, visit this page.

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