Persian salt candle holder model cylinder

Persian salt candle holder

Persian salt candle holder model cylinder, persian salt lamp supplier, salt lamp, salt block for cooking and salt bricks factory.

Manufacturer of cylindrical rock salt rockers, cubic rock salt rockers, small heart models, rock models, sale is possible only in bulk, completely exceptional prices.

How to make a salt candle holder

Salt stone cup can be one of the most attractive decorations to decorate work and living. Salt and candles have both been featured in Feng Shui, and the combination of the two can create a wonderful feeling in the environment. Salt rock jars can be placed in the northeast, southwest, south and center of the place of residence or work. Placing a rock salt candlestick with its candle in these places can strengthen the elements of soil and fire together.

To make these candlesticks, you can use uncut salt rock and powdered rock salt. The choice of salt rock type depends entirely on the candlestick model.

Powdered rock salt is used to cover glass jars, crystals, etc.

Uncut stones; They are more attractive for making candlesticks. These stones are extracted from the mountains and mines by stone cutting machines, then they are transformed into beautiful candles by engraving and cutting machines by artists.

Persian salt candle holder

Salt candle holder benefits

The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known in ancient times. The therapeutic properties of rock salt have also been scientifically confirmed.

Having 84 of the 92 essential elements of the human body, electrical atomic structure and ionization power are some of the reasons why rock salt has healing properties.

Reduce sinus congestion, help increase lung capacity, help relieve respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma, reduce migraine headaches, reduce anxiety-related illnesses such as depression, regulate blood pressure, and help maintain balance Ionic in the body is one of the properties of rock salt.

If rock salt is combined with another miraculous element such as a candle; Its properties are multiplied. Because candles are a huge source of energy that can repel negative energies from the environment and the body.

Persian salt candle holder

Manufacturer of salt candle holder

The manufacturer of rock salt cups can produce salt rock candlesticks in two ways.

Some of these producers are among the major sellers and producers of rock salt, who dedicate part of their rock salt production to the production of jasmine.

Persian salt candle holder

Some manufacturers also buy salt rock in bulk and produce candlesticks using engraving machines and lathes and cutting machines.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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