Halito Salt lamp Factory

Salt lamp Factory

Halito Salt lamp Factory, biggest persian salt lamp manufacturer in iran, unique rock salt lamp models made by iranian handicraftsman.

What are the reasons for the increase in the use of decorative rock salt in home decoration? Did you know that in the salt rock factory produced by this product, different cultivars with different colors are prepared and marketed? What do you know about Halito brand salt products and how can you buy them?

Salt lamp Factory

Advantages of using decor rock salt

Salt rock or sodium chloride is a mineral also known as halite. This product can always be extracted with different colors due to the presence of different elements in it. The characteristics of rock salt are very low hardness, shiny appearance and glass along with salty taste. Low hardness and softness have caused various companies to use it to produce a variety of decorative accessories.
Today, due to this feature, along with the advantages of using it, it has made decorative rock salt have a special place in home decoration. Production of lampshades, fancy vases, geometric shapes and some other decorative accessories are examples of the product produced with this stone.
As mentioned, the advantages of using this stone along with its appearance and beautiful colors are the most important reasons for using it in making home appliances and decorations. Some of the most important of these benefits are:

  • Cleansing the environment of negative effects and energies
  • Healing properties for facial skin
  • Healing and effective in reducing stress
  • Strengthen the sense of balance in people
  • Increase blood flow and help increase the body’s energy

This stone can have different crystals with yellow, pink, red, white and brown colors, each of which has special properties and advantages separately.

Salt lamp Factory

The largest salt lamp factory

Today, the production of decorative rock salt has gained more speed and speed. Production of various decorative accessories, use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, use as a kind of herbal medicine, etc. are part of the reasons for its further production.
Different types of this stone are extracted and processed in Halito salt rock factory. This center, as the largest supplier of these products, has been able to play an effective role in determining prices and direct supply of rock salt.

Salt lamp Factory

Note that the price of industrial salt rock varies under the influence of production process and costs along with the volume and weight of the stone, its type, production items and some other technical characteristics. Due to fluctuations in the stone market, inquiring about the price before ordering or buying a bulk will be important in estimating costs.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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