Iran White rock salt Mine supplier and exporter

White rock salt

Iran White rock salt Mine supplier and exporter, White Rock Salt for Cooking, White Rock Salt Lamp, Rock Salt 25kg bags, Cheap White Rock Salt, export rock salt to Russia, Iraq, Georgia.

Garmsar white salt ore, completely one-handed white salt ore for hardening and water purification, streaked white rock salt for animal feed, export of packaged white rock salt, wholesale sale of wooden base decorative rock salt.

Types of edible rock salt

In the kitchen, no element is more important than salt. White salt rock is usually extracted from mines, but in general, salts are also extracted from seawater evaporation. Apart from being one of the five main flavors (salty, sweet, bitter, sour and omami), salt has properties that release food molecules into the air and give food aroma. In fact, salt is an integral part of the taste.

Edible salts may be distinguished by characteristics such as geographical origin, method of preparation, natural impurities, additives, flavorings, or purpose (such as suitability for pickling or cooking). According to the above, there are about 50 types of table salt in the world.

White rock salt

Rock salt for water softner

If you have a water hardener, when you see the end of the salt in the water tank, you will notice that it is time to prepare the hardener salt. Like many people, you may be confused by the variety of hardening salts in water. Evaporated salt tablets, white rock salt, salt pellets and so on. Some hard salt salt pellets sold in stores contain high levels of water-insoluble substances or impurities. These insoluble substances can accumulate in the tank or cause malfunction.

Water hardeners work effectively with sodium chloride (commonly called salt) or potassium chloride (another type of salt). Therefore, for these devices, only these two types of salt should be used, which are specifically designed for water hardeners. These salts are presented in the form of white salt rock by Halito rock  salt company.

White rock salt

Export of white rock salt

Iran is one of the richest countries in terms of mines, especially white salt mines in the world. The purity of Garmsar rock salt is more than 96% and this issue has caused it to become the center of salt rock extraction and export in Iran and the Middle East. Iranian salt is obtained not only from mines but also from the evaporation of seawater and lakes in Iran.

White rock salt

Halito rock  salt collection is ready to serve our dear customers in high tonnage by preparing and packing all kinds of Iranian salts. White salt rock, as well as other Iranian salts, has many applications in various industries and is mostly exported to other countries through the southern waters of the country.

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