Supply and export center of Iran raw rock salt

raw rock salt

Supply and export center of Iran raw rock salt, iran rock salt in cheap price, export to india, delivery at destination after customs clearance.

Garmsar crude mineral salt sales and export center, brick salt rock, edible rock salt, animal salt rock, hard rock salt market in Tehran with free shipping.

raw rock salt

Benefits of rock salt

Raw rock salt is a natural product that humans have been familiar with for thousands of years and have used it in various ways.

Throughout history, this mineral or rock salt has been used in various ways, and historical and medical texts testify to this. For example, ancient Greek physicians advised patients with respiratory problems to breathe the steam from the rock salt. Numerous historical monuments have been used and have been confirmed by doctors in the present age.

Raw rock salt is a product that is used in various life and industrial applications. In general, crude rock salt is called rock salt lump that has not been subjected to special finishing operations such as refining or processing.

raw rock salt

Application of raw rock salt

Raw salt rock is used for various purposes, the most important of which are:

  • Edible uses: Perhaps the most common use of rock salt is this food item, which is the first human use of this natural product, which continues to this day. And is used in other food industries.
  • Decorative uses: This type of salt rock is offered in large pieces or rock and can be recorded on it and the information and signs you want and used as a decorative and advertising product.
  • Water Purification and Hardening Uses: Rock salt contains a lot of sodium and can convert hard water into soft water, which is why it is used in water purification cases and is a natural purifier.

raw rock salt

Production of salt bricks

Salt rock is considered as the most important raw material for the production of salt bricks and this brick is mainly used for facade and decorative projects. Salt bricks are produced in different quality grades and depending on the place of application, a special type of it can be prepared.

raw rock salt

Raw rock salt for animal feed

Rock salt has also been used for animal feed, and for thousands of years shepherds and ranchers have been accustomed to always placing a piece of rock salt in animal pens, which has helped to make the animals fatter. Today, salt rock is used in animal diets and this type of rock salt is produced in different qualities.

raw rock salt

Wholesale raw rock salt

Raw rock salt is a product that is extracted from various mines throughout the country and has different quality depending on the type of mine and its geographical location, but its best quality, which is related to export rock salt, belongs to Garmsar city.

raw rock salt

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of Garmsar rock salt in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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