Wholesaler and supplier of rock salt in Iran

rock salt in Iran

Wholesaler and supplier of rock salt in Iran, pink rock salt, suji salt in 25 kg bag, Monthly supply capacity of 2500 tons to india.

Exports of Garmsar mineral salt rock, white salt rock with 99.4% purity, pink salt rock with 98.3% purity, orange salt rock are very rare products exported by this group.

Rock salt is recommended for healthier than other salts. Rock salt is also called rock salt or halite. It is formed by crystals of sodium chloride. It is a mineral that is very popular in sedimentary soils, Permian, Triassic and pickles. Our group has exported mineral salt rock from Garmsar salt rock mine.

rock salt in Iran

Methods of extracting salt from the mine

Solar Evaporation: This method of salt extraction involves the use of solar energy and wind to separate water from salt. This method represents approximately 85% of the salt production in the country.

High vacuum evaporation: This method still involves the separation of water and salt using heat. However, solar energy is not used to evaporate liquids. Refineries are used for this purpose, where the machines are specifically designed for evaporation. The advantage of this method is that it is not able to extract salt due to climatic conditions.

In the Andrew Basin: This method is applied when the salt is in groundwater, sediments or surface runoff. These salines are located in the interior of the country, but their low volume and volatile quality have led them to be used in local markets, mainly for fodder and tanning.

The key term for rock salt extraction is evaporation, as the name implies, the evaporation of water to leave only pure salt particles. This process can be applied in more than one way, solar or induced.

Most of the salt produced in the world is produced by solar evaporation, which is why sea salt is produced for use in the sun in areas with hot climates, where rainfall is low for five or six months. . And wind: Two basic conditions for achieving evaporation and saturation of seawater until the sea salt crystallizes.

Sea salt is extracted from shallow deposits, known as saline, where seawater collects and evaporates due to the effects of the sun and wind. The reason for salt deposition in shallow spaces is that the salt concentration can be increased. And so, the force of the sun can gradually evaporate the water.

Depending on the quality of the salt mine and according to the form of salt extraction, the quality of salt is obtained, which in different markets and the most common applications for mineral salt, such as animal feed as feed raw materials and mainly as ice flux Used on the road.

Wet mineral salts: They are all mineral salts that maintain their natural moisture content with a maximum of 2% water content.

rock salt in Iran

Iran rock salt exporter

Garmsar rock salt mine with its exceptional soil has long been able to accommodate the highest quality rock salt in Iran and is very famous in this regard.

Halito salt rock complex as the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran with access to the largest salt ore mine in the Middle East has been able to supply a variety of export rock salt in accordance with the needs of the destination country.

rock salt in Iran

Biggest supplier of rock salt in Iran

Our group has established a Garmsar civil rock salt distribution center with the best quality and price. Contact us for more information or to place an order and purchase these products.

rock salt in Iran

The export of rock salt to India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and Georgia for food as well as livestock consumption is one of the demands of rock salt in different countries.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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