Iran pink salt production and export center

pink salt production

Iran pink salt production and export center, pink salt side effects, iran salt origin, in affordable price, 25 kg packing, capacity of production monthly 850 tons.

Garmsar pink salt production and export center, to prepare, supply, buy and inquire about the export price of pink salt in different packages, and for delivery in any country you have contact with, contact the Halito salt collection experts.

Like white salt, pink salt is composed of sodium and chlorine, but it has turned into this color due to the presence of different minerals. Most people know it as pink Himalayan salt because this salt was first extracted from the Himalayan mountains. But the mines of our country are so rich that we export to other countries. Calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, etc. are among the minerals used in this substance and are very essential for health. These days, with the increase in people’s awareness, this substance is also being replaced by white salt.

Pink salt production center in Iran

As we said, most of the pink salt is found in the Himalayan mountains, but in our own country, Iran, there are also mines such as Garmsar mine, which, with a small amount of salt, not only meets our needs, but also allows us to use this salt. export to other countries as well.

The Halito collection is one of the largest collections in the field of selling all kinds of rock salt. You can buy this product with the highest quality from Halito collection.

pink salt production

Properties of Iran pink salt

As you know, hot water bath with salt has a great effect on pain relief. Now, if you use pink salt instead of normal salt, you will see the effect of it with your eyes. For example, the presence of magnesium in the structure of this colorful salt helps reduce pain and muscle damage. Calcium is another substance found in this substance that is normally present in the structure of bones and its deficiency causes osteoporosis. So, the presence of these minerals not only helps to reduce pain, but also has an effect on strengthening bones.

You must be familiar with the effect of salt water in draining the sinuses. Now, if you replace this salt with white salt, you will speed up the process of killing bacteria. The miracle of this substance is so great that even by inhaling it alone, you can solve your sinus problems.

Other benefits of this substance include relieving sore throat, losing weight, improving food digestion and digestive processes, treating hypothyroidism, exfoliating the skin, reducing wrinkles, etc.

pink salt production

Export of pink salt to India

Halito salt collection or Hosseini salt collection is one of the largest collections in the field of salt production and sale. By accessing the Garmsar mine, Halito has provided Garmsar pink salt not only for his country but also for the people of India. The quality of these salts is so favorable that Halito has exported this material to countries like India.

pink salt production

Pink rock salt and all types of pink salt granules are packed in jumbo bags and 25 kg bags.

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