Largest rock salt factory in Iran

rock salt factory

Largest rock salt factory in Iran, manufacturer of salt bricks, salt blocks, salt lamps, biggest supplier of pink rock salt, white rock salt, orange rock salt.

Biggest rock salt factory

Manufacturer of rock salt in Iran, mineral rock salt, blue rock salt, colored and white export rock rock, decorative rock rock, salt brick, grill rock and cooking salt.

The manufacturer of rock salt in Iran makes this product with high quality. The higher the quality of this product, the higher the quality and the greater the impact on pricing and sales. Production of rock salt in Iran by Halito rock salt Group is being done in a very high volume.

rock salt factory

How to diagnose rock salt

Rock salt is the mineral sodium chloride, which is referred to by the formula NaCl. Sometimes there is an impurity in this mineral that changes the color of this sample. Halite crystal is present in rock salt, which makes this product in different colors.

The uranium and carbon in rock salt turn this sample black. The rock salt has a very salty taste and a glassy sheen. This mineral has a very low degree of hardness, which makes it easy to distinguish it from other minerals.

The color of the rock salt is colorless, shiny and clear, and smells like dry salt. The rock should be snow-white in color and contain impurities of lime or lead gypsum.

rock salt factory

Pink salt wholesale

Rock salt is considered a best-selling product by the production center due to its good quality. The production center provides this product with high quality to consumers. The production center sells this product in bulk, which makes it more profitable and cheaper.

Halito Salt Production Center produces and sells a variety of salt products such as salt bricks and decorative salt stones in large daily volumes, which has made Halito rock salt company the largest producer of rock salt in Iran.

According to the information we have about the price of rock salt, we can save on our costs and buy the right price for this product. Selling bulk rock salt through the internet site is a great option to the global market.

rock salt factory

Halito Salt Production Center offers this product in special packaging for customers who want salt in part, but for customers who generally want salt in bulk. Depending on the type that is produced in the factory, the stone is provided to consumers at different prices by the production center.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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