Iran white rock salt export market

white rock salt

Iran white rock salt export market , edible white rock salt purity 99.5 %, white rock salt for animal, special white rock salt for cut and produce salt lamp.

White rock salt

White salt rock is one of the types of rock salt that has a higher amount than other types of rock salt and most of the salt rock that is extracted from salt mines in the country is of this type.

Rock salt is not always white and is available in other colors such as red, orange and pink, each of which is used differently.

The presence of different mineral elements in salt rock shows its crystallization of different colors, for example

  • Iron causes redness
  • Potassium causes blue
  • Lack of elements other than sodium and chlorine causes white

They will become rock salt.

white rock salt

The difference between white and colored rock salt

The main difference between colored and white salt rocks is the presence or absence of mineral elements in them, which change their color to different colors.

For example, one of the most beautiful colored rock salts that exists in a very small amount in the world and Iran is the only country where this colored rock salt is blue salt rock. Blue salt rock is due to the presence of potassium in it, which changes its color to blue, and the blue streaks in this type of stone, has created a unique beauty in it, which has caused and its oral use in It is common in European countries, but mostly in Western Europe, because this product has a high price and not everyone can afford it.



white rock salt

Does the rock have iodine salt?

Iodine is one of the essential elements for the body that should reach the body during the day and in the required amount to prevent problems and diseases such as goiter and thyroid problems in the person. Iodine is usually added to the salt that is used as table salt in food to provide the body with the iodine it needs. But does white rock salt mined also contain iodine? The answer is not clear yes or no and the answer to this question needs to be explained!

If we consider iodine in its usual form, which is sprayed on salt and means that rock salt has the same process, the answer is no, because such a thing does not happen at all and it is practically impossible!

But on the other hand, natural salt rock has natural iodine in it and during the experiments, it was determined that this natural substance does not need to add iodine at all, because such a capability has been deposited in it by Mother Nature!

white rock salt

Is sea salt better or rock salt?

Sea salt and rock salt should be examined from the beginning of extraction and extraction, and perhaps with a better understanding of this issue, the health of both can be better examined!

If sea salt is the result of natural evaporation of seawater, it can usually not be considered a healthy salt because of the waste that is dumped in seawater!

But rock salt is in a much better and different situation in this regard and is extracted naturally from the heart of the mountain and has its own existential warmth and is much more useful and adaptable to human nature.

white rock salt

Production of white salt lamps

One of the most important uses of white rock salt is the production of salt lamps. In addition to its unique beauty, salt rock bedside lamps are also very useful for health and can induce peace of mind in people and remove negative energies from them.



white rock salt

Animal white rock salt

One of the most important uses of rock salt for animal feed or animal rock salt is that Halito collection, in addition to salt rock lumps, also produces and supplies this product in a circular and cubic shape.

However, it should be noted that the samples of cut rock salt are practically unused in the domestic market, and the main reason is the high price of cut rock salt, and this issue is more suitable for export.

Wholesale rock salt

For all the above, we offer the best type of white rock salt in different categories.

The minimum shipping for distances close to 10 tons and for farther cities is 25 tons because low tonnage for long distance will not be very economical for the buyer in terms of transportation costs, and therefore our usual offer is to order a trailer or the same 25 tons to It will be very reasonable in terms of price.



white rock salt

In terms of supply of white salt rock in different grades, whether sending to the country or exporting rock salt, up to 10,000 tons per month can be supplied in bulk and packaged.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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