The largest producer of Iran pink salt in Garmsar

Iran pink salt

The largest producer of Iran pink salt in Garmsar, manufacturer of pink salt, 25 kg packing, capacity monthly 850 tons, Fob bandar abbas, Fob Anzali, CIF astrakhan, mumbai, mundra.

The largest producer of Garmsar pink salt with a monthly delivery capacity of 800 tons of granular salt, Iran’s pink salt export, packaging of 25 kg bags, pink salt of various types of pea, powder, sugar and shell meshes.

Familiarity with Garmsar red salt

All of us, when it comes to salt, the impression that comes to us is the same white edible salt that is on the table. But we must say that rock salt is available in a variety of colors and for example, we can mention Garmsar pink salt or Garmsar red salt. These salts are found in abundance in the salt mines of Garmsar city.

The red color of red salt rock can be expressed due to the presence of a large amount of iron in it. In addition to being consumed orally, these salts are also used in the production of decorative items and therapeutic uses.

Iran pink salt

Iran pink salt producer

In general, Garmsar city can be introduced as one of the salt production hubs in the country. One of the salts that are extracted in large quantities from the mines of this city is pink salt. Garmsar pink salt factories have been able to produce the best and highest quality pink salt by using the latest and most advanced devices and equipment. So that the volume of production of this type of salt has increased significantly in recent years.

Iran pink salt

Garmsar pink salt for export

Due to the fact that the production of Garmsar pink salt is more than the domestic demand, we see its export to other countries every year. The largest volume of exports in this area is related to European countries. The reason for this can be the lack of pink salt mines in these countries. On the other hand, due to the fact that pink salt has unique properties, European countries use it in the treatment and control of various diseases.

Another point about Garmsar pink salt is that this salt is known as one of the highest quality and highest quality salts and that is why its price is slightly higher than other salts.

Iran pink salt

That is why this type of salt does not have a good market in Iran and for this reason a large amount of it is exported to other countries. Garmsar pink salt export in recent years has been able to bring good currency to the country and in fact is a good source of income for the country.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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