Iodized edible salt in a package of 25 kg and 500 g

Iodized edible salt

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What is Iodized edible salt?

Salt has always been known as one of the most important condiments, especially for us Iranians. As you know, there are different types of salt in nature. But the best and healthiest is mineral salt. In recent years, various operations have been performed on salts in order to minimize the amount of harmful substances in it. One of its types is recrystallization salt.

If rock salt is introduced into soluble pools and then transferred to centrifuges and repeated the same operation again, a clear salt with a high purity is obtained, which is called recrystallization salt. These salts are in the group of refined salts and therefore its use is recommended.

Iodized edible salt

How to produce hydromyl salt

As mentioned, today, in addition to recrystallized salt, there are other types of salts that are prepared in different ways. One of them is hydromyl salt. This method is also known as washing method. In this method, at the beginning of the work, they start washing the surface of the salt and then they put it in a device called hydromel. In this device, salts are exposed to high pressure water to release impurities.

In the next step, salt is added to centrifuges or thinners to remove impurities. The purity of the salts prepared in this way is about 99%.

Iodized edible salt

Salt exports to Iraq

Iran is one of the countries that has been recognized as a salt exporter in the region due to its numerous sources of salt. Iraq, as a neighboring country, is one of the countries to which the largest volume of refined salt is exported to Iran. The amount of recrystallization salt exports to this country is more than other salts. The reason for this can be the lack of necessary facilities in this country for salt refining.

If we want to talk about the main and effective factors in the export of salt to Iraq, we can mention the following:

  • Currency fluctuations and dinar supremacy
  • High quality Iranian salt
  • Lack of salt resources in Iraq

Iodized edible salt

For Iraq, iodized salt with iodine 60 is also in great demand, and we can easily deliver refined table salt with iodine 60 ppm.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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