Semnan Refined Salt Factory 1 kg package

Refined Salt Factory

Semnan Refined Salt Factory, 1 kg package, iran edible salt factory, iodized salt in 20 kg bag, 500 Gram, 400 Gram and 1 kg package.

Semnan salt factory 1 kg refined salt, Garmsar food salt production factory, 1 kg and a half kg package, send refined edible salt for food industry with 20 kg package with iodine and without iodine.

Refined Salt Factory

Various methods are used to produce salt, one of which is hydromyl. In this method, the raw material for the production of this type of salt is lake salt, during which, using physical methods and water, the impurities in the salt are removed and its purity is reduced to 98.9%. Such a salt obtained during the hydromyl process is called hydromyl salt.

Semnan salt factory is one of the factories that has produced salt with this method and thus this factory can be introduced as one of the largest producers of this type of salt.

Refined Salt Factory

NaCl factory

Table salt is one of the most widely consumed types of salt, and factories producing this type of salt have taken a big step in maintaining the health of consumers. In fact, in these factories, they use advanced and up-to-date machines to perform salt sanitization.

Semnan salt factory is one of the factories that has been active in this field and has been active as an active member in this field for many years, so that a large part of the products of this factory belongs to the export sector.

Refined Salt Factory

Buy packaged salt from Semnan salt factory

Today, different types of salt are marketed in different packages. Packaging is important because it can help keep food healthy. Therefore, in addition to product quality, the quality of packaging is also very important.

In recent years, Semnan Salt Factory, as an active factory in the field of salt production, has been able to present its products to the market in different packages.

Refined Salt Factory

Semnan Salt Factory sells its products in bulk in various packages and the sellers of this product can supply it in bulk and in desired packages. It is interesting to know that this factory offers its products in 8 types of packaging, from which we can understand the variety of product packaging in this factory.

The high variety in the packaging of different types of salts has made it possible to meet any customer needs and the customer can supply the product he needs without any problems.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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