Direct purchase of Iran refined salt from the factory

Iran refined salt

Direct purchase of Iran refined salt from the factory, refined iodized salt in 25 kg, 1 kg and 500 gram packing, iodine 40 ppm to 60 ppm, supply monthly 650 tons to Iraq and Armenia.

Direct sale of recrystallization salt from the factory, refined salt 25 kg bag, packaged salt 1 kg, 500 g and 400 g, refined salt with PET packaging, call for bulk purchase of edible salt from the factory.

Direct sale of recrystallization salt from the factory with good quality and price and because of having the same quality is also exported to other countries. Recrystallization salt is obtained in the factory by advanced machines. This salt can be one of the salts. Pure products are known to be beneficial to the body due to their high iodine content. You can buy this product in bulk or in part.

Iran refined salt

From production to consumption of recrystallized salts

Due to its salt mines, Iran exports a large amount of it every year. For export, these salts, which are initially impure, must be completely refined and away from any impurities in order to be ready for export. Due to the advanced types of machines, Iran purifies this product and then packs it. In order for the salt to crystallize for export, they must separate the minerals that are in it.

By separation, the crystallization operation is done and if this is done in two times, it is called recrystallization, in which case the salt becomes completely pure and granular, in which case it is sent to another factory. The packing process takes place and reaches you. This salt can be useful for your body due to its iodine. In the past , people used to get goiter due to the lack of iodine in their body, but today, with the advancement of science and existence Refined salt is not news.

Iran refined salt

Total exports of recrystallized salt to Iraq

As we have said, Iran, due to its abundant salt mines, has exploited this strategic product and, with the help of advanced devices, has been able to supply fine-grained salt, which exports not only its own salt but also this product to other countries such as Iraq. To buy this product, you can visit a site and with a simple order and get advice, you can receive this product by giving the final price at the desired location.

Iran refined salt

It is worth mentioning that recrystallization salt has many fans due to its good quality in production, who order this product every year. The reasonable price also adds to this and plays a decisive role in increasing production and exports.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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