The largest supplier of glass crystal rock salt in Iran

glass crystal rock salt

The largest supplier of glass crystal rock salt in Iran, all-glass with a purity of 99.9%, the possibility of monthly supply up to 35 tons, delivery in 20 kg bags.

How to form rock salt

Clear rock salt is one of the rarest mineral rock salts in the world; For this reason, this mineral has a high value and its value increases even more after we know that it is used in ancient medicine to treat disease and in modern medicine to make medicine.

Have you ever considered the rock salt on which human life and many living things depend; How did it come into being?

Millions of years ago when water covered the earth’s surface; Active volcanoes emit lava that contains sodium and chlorine ions. Sodium and chlorine ions react with each other in ocean environments to form salt rock molecules.

Over time, the water of the oceans evaporates and the concentration of soluble substances in it increases. Due to deposition, layers of salt rock are formed over thousands of years. Therefore, salt mines can be considered as remnants of pre-human oceans. Considered on the ground.

In general, it can be said that rock salt is a halite mineral that originates in marine salt zigzags and volcanic or volcanic vapors; Composed.

glass crystal rock salt

Original crystalline rock salt

Due to the existence of rich rock salt mines in Iran, glass crystalline rock salt, which is a very pure type of clear rock salt, can be extracted in some areas.

Clear rock salt or original crystalline rock salt has special properties that are mentioned below about its properties. Clear rock salt is used to treat a variety of muscle aches, treat lung and respiratory diseases, and improve depression.

Iranian crystalline rock salt is the rarest type of this product in the world

glass crystal rock salt

Application of glass salt rock

The following manufacturing industries make the most use of crystalline clear rock salt:

  • drug manufacturing
  • cosmetics
  • Decorative rock salt

Contact us to order bulk clear rock salt.

glass crystal rock salt

Export of transparent salt rock to Turkey

Turkey is one of Iran’s export destinations. Transparent rock salt of Iran is the purest type of rock salt produced in the world. The glass polish of this rock salt has caused it to be used in the production of various decorative items.

Turkey imports this salt for decorative, industrial and food purposes.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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