Crystal rock salt wholesale in Iran

Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt wholesale in Iran, we call crystal rock salt in Iran(Del namak), it is like glass, in 25 kg packing.

Sale of crystalline rock salt in 1400, clear crystal rock rock with extraordinary properties and minimum purity of 99.8%, which is a very rare and amazing new rock salt, is mainly available in 25 kg bags.

Familiarity with crystalline rock salt

You may have heard the name of crystalline rock salt or crystal rock salt or have seen them up close. In fact, crystal, glass, and clear salt rock are all of the same type of rock salt. They are very transparent and look like a piece of crystal and glass.

Crystalline rock salt usually has no impurities, and it is this purity that makes it comparable to crystalline rock salt. Of course, keep in mind that not all crystalline and crystalline rock salts will necessarily be in the form of glass, and the lower the glass content of these stones, the lower their value and efficiency.

Crystal rock salt

Introducing clear rock salt

In this section, we want to introduce you to crystalline rock salt. As mentioned, in fact, crystalline rock salt is examined based on its degree of transparency and glassiness. In fact, these stones are widely used in completely transparent and vein-free types in industries such as pharmaceuticals, and these companies are the main customers of these stones.

In addition to industries such as pharmaceuticals that use crystalline rock salt, factories and companies that also produce cosmetics are customers of this type of stone.

Crystal rock salt

How is rock salt made?

You may have wondered how crystalline rock salt is formed. In the past, scientists as well as other people did not know how such rocks are formed. Today, however, scientists have concluded that these rocks form in riverbeds as well as in the oceans.

At present, it can be said that the amount of salt in the estuaries will reach its lowest level and will also reach its highest level in many parts. Also, many of these rocks have a number of mines that specialists can extract from these mines, which of course is very hard work and also delicate.

Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt sales center

If you are also interested in buying crystal rock salt, it is better to know that you should do this from completely reputable centers, because such stones also have some impurities in the non-original type. If you want to buy crystal salt rock 100% pure, you can leave your purchase to us and also get the best type of crystal rock salt with the best quality.

For the export of glass crystalline rock salt to Turkey, it is possible to supply 100 tons of this product per month.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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