Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran

Halite crystal rock salt

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran, purity 99.8 % completely like glass and Transparent, capacity supply monthly 50 tons.

The company sells crystal clear rock salt, the purest type of glass salt rock in large and small parts for export, with a package of 25 kg.

Salt rock, as its name implies, is a rock with salt compounds in its structure. The salt in these stones has the same composition as table salt. It should be noted that crystalline salt stones have been considered for home storage for a long time and many benefits have been mentioned for them. In this article, we want to acquaint you with everything about the numerous properties and benefits of crystalline rock salt, from the distinguishing features to the method and price of its sale and offering in the market, so do not miss the opportunity and until the end of this content Be brief and useful with us.

Halite crystal rock salt

Benefits of having crystalline rock salt at home

As mentioned, rock salt has been discussed since ancient times and many material and non-material properties have been mentioned for rock salt. Among its properties and benefits are the following;

_Anti-corrosion and cleaning properties of the environment

Anti-negative properties and negative energy transmitted from outside

Eliminate the harmful and carcinogenic effects of electrical devices such as microwave ovens, Internet modems, cell phones, used lamps, computers, televisions, radiology devices, etc.

Positive effect on people with respiratory diseases

Antiparasitic effects on human skin

Improving the quality of sleep at different hours of the night

Instilling a sense of calm in the people of the house

And all the other properties …

Halite crystal rock salt

Export of crystalline rock salt

Fortunately, very valuable sources of salt stones are found in abundance in Iran, and like many other countries, there is no need to import this God-given blessing, and the production of crystalline rock salt in Iran is done well.

Crystalline rock salt is a product that is classified as a rare rock salt and has many medicinal properties and has been used in traditional pharmacies or perfumeries since ancient times.

Crystal rock salt has little nutritional and commercial value if it is not transparent and its glass type is also rare, in this regard, Halito salt rock complex is the largest supplier of glass crystal rock salt in Iran.



The price of salt rocks, like any other product, depends on various parameters, including the quality of its material, as well as the economic situation and market fluctuations, which are expected to increase in the new year due to unfavorable economic conditions and sanctions.

Halite crystal rock salt

To export crystal rock salt to Turkey and India with the possibility of delivery in the destination country, contact us. It is also possible to supply up to 50 tons of this product per month.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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