Export crystal rock salt from Iran

crystal rock salt

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Salt rock is one of the types of stones that due to its many applications in various industries, its sale and purchase is very prosperous and many countries in the world, looking to buy rock salt, or buy salt heart, which is the same as stone powder. It is salt, they are from Iran. Iran has the largest and most resources of rock salt in the world. Every year, large quantities of rock salt are produced and extracted in Iran’s mines and exported to different parts of the country as well as to different countries of the world. In this article, we will try to acquaint you with buying salt heart and rock salt and talk about the properties of crystal and glass rock salt. Stay with us.

crystal rock salt

What is the heart of salt?

The heart of salt is called salt rock powder, which is produced and sold in the form of fine salt particles and grains. These rock salts can have different colors depending on the type and amount of mineral elements in them. In addition, depending on the conditions of the places where these rock salts are formed, they may have different shapes. In the meantime, crystal and glass rock salts have a unique beauty and are used in many cases. Therefore, buying crystalline salt hearts is very prosperous.

crystal rock salt

Wholesale crystal rock salt

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, crystal rock salts are among the most beautiful types of rock salts, which due to their transparency, buying crystal salt hearts is very common. Among the most important applications of this type of salt stones are the therapeutic applications of this type of salt stones. This type of rock salt can be used to improve rheumatic pains and pains of hands and feet. Therefore, the sales of crystalline rock salt, due to its applications, has always been high.

crystal rock salt

Properties of crystal rock salt

Glass salt rock, due to its transparency on its surface, allows sunlight to easily penetrate it and enhance its properties. Therefore, there are many therapeutic applications in this type of rock salt, which has increased the sales of this type of rock rock.

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