Crystal rock salt like Glass with a purity of 99.8%

Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt like Glass with a purity of 99.8%, iran crystal rock salt, high purity, capacity of month 60 tons in 25 kg bag.

Glass crystalline rock salt with a purity of 99.8%, the highest type of purity for rock salt in the world, the possibility of monthly supply up to 30 tons, the possibility of retail at least 100 kg.

Familiarity with crystal salt

Crystalline salt, which is known as a mineral, is composed of elements that can have a great impact on the human body system. With the advancement of technology and the spread of science, scientists today have discovered different types of salt in different pieces and sizes as well as different colors.

These salts are used in different ways in different places. This substance with white texture and glass is used as a miraculous substance in medicine.

Crystal rock salt

Properties of crystal rock salt

When it comes to the properties of crystalline salt, crystalline crystals of rock salt are considered as the main material. These crystalline crystals with their healing properties can increase the immune system and have a great effect on calming and strengthening the heart and adrenal glands. To be.

Other healing properties of crystalline salt include the treatment of various types of bone pain. In ancient traditional medicine, it was widely used as a healing medicine. It is also recommended as one of the best types of salt for daily consumption. This crystalline salt, unlike other salts on the market, lowers blood pressure.

Crystal rock salt

Purchase crystal rock salt in bulk

When crystalline salt is in the form of powder and very fine grains and particles, it is sold as salt heart. Heart salt with natural sodium is known as one of the purest salts available. This type of salt is purchased in bulk and in very high volumes. The high demand for bulk salt is due to its healing properties.

Crystal rock salt

Jahrom Crystal Salt Market

Jahrom is known as the most important crystal salt storage center in Iran. This salt gold is the best type of salt in the world. The city of Jahrom is one of the most important centers that exports this salt in very high volumes to European and American countries. Although the domestic consumption of this salt has become popular in recent years, but this product is still not well known among the people as salt gold.

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The salt mountain, which has been mentioned as an example for Iranians since ancient times, is a real fact in the south of Jahrom, which has become a place for extracting crystalline salt due to its large salt mines.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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