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Sales of illuminated decorative salt stones in various designs and models in this collection are distributed at the lowest price. Today, illuminated salt stones are used in most homes for beauty and also for health, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of the stone. Salt becomes a positive energy that is reflected from this stone, you can contact our experts to buy this product, and place your orders with them.

salt lamp

Specifications of the best illuminated decor rock salt

If the rock salt is high quality and original, when light shines on it, it causes the release of negative ions in the environment, eventually the release of these negative ions in the air causes the destruction of positively charged particles, which results in the cleanliness of the environment. Negative ions also reduce stress and relaxation in the human body and lead to a completely natural relaxation.

You can also use decorative salt stones as a soap, as it is one of the best elements for removing skin impurities and makes your skin rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium and nourish it and prevent any disease. Keep your skin away.

Apart from its healing properties, rock salt also has a decorative use, which has gained a lot of fans these days. Salt stones are usually cut and produced in a series of specific shapes that are popular in the market.

But in our collection, apart from the shapes that are available in the market, we also make decorative salt stones on a custom basis, you can share your different and personal models with us, and on a custom basis and the same Receive the shape you have chosen.

salt lamp

Offering the best decorative salt rock with lights

It is good to know that our country, Iran, is one of the very large sources in the production of rock salt, and has many mines for the extraction of decorative rock salts. Is used.

Due to fluctuations in currency prices and rising salt rock prices, but still the sale and purchase of this product is booming, cheap sales of decorative rock salt is done by the same collection throughout the country.

Our company with several years of experience in this field is considered as one of the best suppliers of illuminated rock salt in Iran.

salt lamp

The price of salt lamp

Halito rock Salt company offers its products in bulk, but if you live in Tehran, you can also buy the products individually from our representative.

Contact for the wholesale price of the products.

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