The rarest blue rock salt for export

blue rock salt

The rarest blue salt rock for export, sale and export of Garmsar crystal blue rock salt, the largest amount of stock and inventory around the world, the possibility of delivery in the destination country.

Introducing blue rock salt

The blue salt rock with its celestial veins opens a window of the unique art of creation in front of the astonished eyes of every viewer.

Bring a pleasant and soulful relaxation by watching the beauties hidden in the blue rock salt, and it is not surprising that when you see this rock rock, you will encounter a miracle in the world of creation.



In extracting salt rock from the depths of mountains and mines of Semnan in the south of Alborz mountain range and also around the salt mines and caves of Garmsar city, you will reach an attractive phenomenon with bright blue and light veins called blue salt rock.

Salt diamonds whose crystals are very old. Of course, be aware that this seductive and enchanting rock salt is extracted in a limited area and only in Iran. Therefore, blue salt rock is always mentioned as a very valuable and rare jewel in the world.

blue rock salt

Why does salt turn blue?

You should know that blue salt rock is one of the rich sources of magnesium, iron and potassium. The beautiful blue color of this rock salt is actually known due to its potassium source.

Also, the heavy and hard effects that occur on the sedimentation and deposition of salt, which occurred during the natural construction of its crystalline texture for thousands of years and lead to the production of this rock salt, are not unaffected.

blue rock salt

Semnan blue rock salt export market

One of the most famous export markets of Iran in the field of blue salt rock can be considered the continent of Europe, which of course is the case in North America.

Blue rock salt has a lot of fans because of its great effect in calming and relieving depression, but of course, the special taste that this rock salt gives to food should not be overlooked, which has led to its widespread use in luxury restaurants.

blue rock salt

Sell ​​blue rock salt

In addition to the above, water salt rock is very experienced in controlling blood pressure, which has been reflected by a large number of customers. However, it should be noted that excessive consumption of any food is never recommended.

blue rock salt

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of blue salt rock in Iran and always has the largest stock of blue salt rock.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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